booklistWe are thrilled that Booklist liked The Magic Mistake. Here’s what they had to say:

“After successfully acting as Paige’s fairy godmother in The Glitter Trap (2013), Lacey Unger-Ware has been invited to train at the Godmother Academy. What is an honor to most is horrifying to Lacey, as it means leaving her friends and family. To make matters worse, Lacey must find one woman’s true love and plan her dream wedding all in one week. Thankfully, she is not in it alone; friends Sunny and Paige come to help, as does her own fairy godmother, Katarina. This story is full enough with the wedding test; there are plenty of side plots to keep readers engaged, like an innocent love interest and a big basketball game. The real draw here is Lacey, whose relatively normal life just happens to be touched with unexpected magic. She is the type of character that readers will cheer for and could see as their own best friend as well. With a story full of friendship and magical mishaps, this is certainly not the end for the Oh My Godmother series.–Erickson, Tiffany Copyright 2010 Booklist”

There’s a link to the full review here.


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