Ergonomic keyboard


James writes: It’s kind of strange to write about my keyboard while writing on my keyboard, but I really like mine. Called a Kinesis Classic, it’s odd looking (and it completely confused the internet repair guy when he was here last month). I bought it because I do a lot of typing, and I’d been having back and wrist problems. The Kinesis is designed to separate your hands and make you hold your arms and shoulders at a more natural angle than a standard keyboard. The letter keys are all in the same place, but the shift/enter/control keys have been moved. I’ve been using it for about three years now. I remember it took me about a month to truly get up to speed on it, but I think it was worth the trouble. You can find out more about it here on Amazon.


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  1. Such a bizarre layout. I think I’d go nuts trying to get use to it. Looking at this, my mind wanders back to the manual typewriters I learned to type on back in the 80s. How things have changed.

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