Reading in the tub

James writes: For all of my adult life, I’ve read in the bathtub. I’m usually there in the morning with a cup of coffee; it’s a nice way to start the day. The light in my bathroom is good, and it’s a perfect angle for holding a book or a magazine. Someday I hope to find a chair that’s half as comfortable.

After all this time, I’m pretty good at not getting the books wet. They rest on an open drawer nearby, and I can pick them up and put them back without too much trouble. I have to admit that over the past ten years or so, I’ve wrecked three library books, all from reading late at night and falling asleep. (I blame the books – if they were any good I would have stayed awake, right?) I tell the librarian I lost them, because I can’t exactly say that the book drowned even though that’s the truth.

I find myself sometimes rejecting books because they’re just too big – over a certain dimension and they’re just too hard to maneuver. I had almost given up on Stephen King; one of his 1500-pagers in the bathtub is like holding up a concrete block while wading. Thank God somebody invented the Kindle: Stephen King is once again an option.

But even I, a bathtub reading pro, was nervous at first taking my Kindle into the tub. It’s expensive. Plus, how much power do those Kindle batteries hold? You can get a shock from a 9 volt Duracell… what would happen if I dropped in a fully-charged electronic book reader? At first I put the Kindle in a big ziplock bag; dorky looking, but nobody’s there to see, right? That worked, sort-of. But it only took a week or two to put aside the Ziplock and live dangerously. Over the past couple of years I’ve probably read a hundred Kindle books, and the Kindle wiring is still intact. And, I’m happy to report, so is mine.


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  1. A reader emailed us this truly inspired tip: “I also read in the bathtub on a daily basis. Did you know that if you IMMEDIATELY put a soggy book in the deep freezer you don’t end up with wrinkly pages and can actually return the previously water logged book to the library without having your carelessness detected?”

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