Barbara writes: I have a new addiction. It’s called WordzUp and I stink at it. No really. I’m terrible. The game gives you a 4 letter by 4 letter grid and the object is to find as many words on the grid as you can before your 3 minutes runs out.

When I’m doing well I get about 35 percent of the words. I think maybe I have a hard time finding words because my brain spends most of the time screaming, “Ahhhhh! Find a word! Find a word! For the love of God find a word! You have a college degree in English!”

The game is very educational. For instance, I learned that my brain refuses to recognize words starting with the letter “a.” In a recent game I managed not to see: ado, ads, aeon, alto, amen, amend, art, ate, and axe. I think that was n mazing ccomplishment.

I am learning new words, though. Today’s words were: hame, dit, ossa, sone, and nidi. I’d tell you what they mean but I’ve already forgotten.

Anyway, I need to get back to the game. I think this is the day I’m going to break 40 percent. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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